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UQiYO is a music unit and project based in Tokyo, Japan

Their music features a diverse sound heavily influenced by Western music, with clear vocals that permeate the body. They combine the coolness of electronic music with a warmth that resonates with people, creating a “human-electro” sound.
Their androgynous vocals gently caress the eardrum like a spring breeze, while their soundscapes expand comfortably like an autumn sky. The intricately layered sounds can be intense like a summer storm or shimmer like icy winter snow.
Not only focused on creating music, UQiYO also pursues projects with the concept of “providing music as an experience.” They are dedicated to expanding the possibilities and creativity of sound and actively collaborate with talented creators from other industries. UQiYO has gained recognition by performing at large-scale festivals such as SUMMER SONIC, ARABAKI, RISING SUN, and many others. They have also designed soundscapes in various locations and spaces, including forests, temples, warehouses, factories, and libraries.
Their comforting music, which blends seamlessly into everyday life, invites listeners into an extraordinary world.

Spring. Approximately 7.06 million plays on Spotify, 3.91 million plays on Apple Music, 1.35 million for the latest album “東源京 (Tokyo Utopia)”, and 710,000 for the single “Somber”. UQiYO continues to explore new ways to deliver his music, with relentless creativity and planning.

In winter, he left Namy& and became independent. He released the collaborative single “途中” with Taiwanese friends I mean Us. UQiYO held “東源京の夜のとばり (Night shade of the Tokyo Utopia)” to present the message of his previous album “Tokyo Utopia” in a live format. The event was a culmination of UQiYO’s activities, featuring a high-quality live performance in collaboration with especially important musicians, sound engineers, artists, and staff.

From the beginning of the year, he released a series of single tracks: “Crescent,” “Utopia,” and “Invisible” co-written with Malaysian artist Froya. He released an album “Loom” containing these tracks.
In spring, he held the online live event “Impromptu-magma”.
In autumn, he released the folklore album “Tokyo Utopia” created with spatial audio and inspired by his hometown Chofu. He performed at Taiwan’s music festival “The Nobleman’s Walk.”
At the end of the year, album “Tokyo Utopia” was selected as the Best Folk Album by the American music magazine POP MATTERS. The song “アヲイノカラス (Horse Boar Crow)” from “Tokyo Utopia” ranked in the Apple Music JAPAN Annual BEST 100 Songs.

Released the single “RA!!i!!NY.”
At the beginning of the year, he signed an agent contract with Namy&Inc. and began collaborating with Asian musicians.
Released the single “FLY.”
In autumn, “UQiYO” became the name of Yuqi’s solo project.
Held the live streaming event Impromptu__雪 “音楽小説 (Music Novel).”
Released “lo V er (feat. MARICELLE)” with Singapore’s MARICELLE and “6000°C” co-produced with Taiwan’s I mean Us.

In spring, released the single “BLiNK.”
In summer, performed alongside Hikari Mitsushima, Kentaro Sakaguchi, Shinnosuke Mitsushima, and Yoichi Nukumizu in Hiroshi Kumabayashi’s play “As You Like It” at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.
In autumn, keyboardist Mica Bando joined the group.

In spring, released their third album “Stones” containing all tracks from “月刊少年ウキヨ (Monthly Shonen UQiYO)” and held a nationwide tour.

In spring, started “Monthly Shonen UQiYO.” Released new songs consecutively for 13 months through subscription services and iTunes. Collaborative works with Taiwan’s Zooey Wonder and India’s Ajay Pohankar gained attention.
In autumn, keyboardist Phantao left the group.

At the beginning of the year, released the mini-album “Black Box OTOGi vol.01” including “Ship’s” featuring Chitose Hajime and “Lost in Wonderland” with Kate Sakai.
Held a nationwide tour from spring to autumn.
In early autumn, joined Spotify and released music for overseas audiences before the service’s launch

In spring, they released their second album “TWiLiGHT,” featuring tracks created in collaboration with various creators from different industries. They held a commemorative tour, visiting 12 locations across Japan. In winter, drummer Sima officially joined the group.

In summer, their album “UQiYO” was released nationwide for the first time. They held live performances in diverse venues such as live houses, coworking spaces, and temples. At the same time, they started the “151A” project, in which people delivered, hand-in-hand, a single CD to locations from Hokkaido to Okinawa(It didn’t make it to Okinawa)

In spring, after their demo CD from the previous year, they received support from design studio TWOTONE and released the single “At the Starcamp.” The excellent music video gained popularity. The encounters resulting from this music video and visuals produced with Augment5 led to the creation of “TWiLiGHT.” They released their first album titled “UQiYO.”

In winter, vocalist/composer Yuqi began activities with keyboardist Phantao. Following the advice of Yuqi’s brother, they sent a large number of demo CDs to video creators and studios across Japan and waited for feedback.