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Weaving the unreal, knitting the sound ethereal
Here and now, where UQiYO echoes
A colloquy under this cobalt blue sky and airflow
Celebrating the herbs and flowers of the earth
In the instant that a bird takes flight,
We will find love. 
The empty impermanence and the blinking of the stars 
Alone at night, looking into the river
In the fragment of white moon that dances in jet black 
We see ourselves, indelible, reflecting back. 
Invisible real, we know it’s true
Like it’s a brand new but nostalgic déjà vu 
Like with eyes closed, your own world spreading out before you
With the light, found wandering in dark
And the overflow of tears, enveloped by love
You will be awaken
Your UQiYO will open. 
Where do we go or return tomorrow?
I don’t care how deep the fog goes
One day we will be surrounded by light
One day everything will be crystalline
Until we reach the promised land we will walk hand in hand
Laughing here and now
Crying here and now
Right here and now, listening to UQiYO.