6th Album


  • ソンバー (Somber)
  • 春夏秋(冬 (Spring Summer Autum (Winter)
  • 蘇州夜曲 Soshu Serenade
  • 阿夫利歌 (Rain Praying Song)
  • 西へ沈ム (Setting West)
  • アヲイノカラス (Horse Boar Crow)
  • ハジマリ (Beginning)


/ EN

The "sad but lovable figure" of the people who currently live here in Tōgenkyo, portrayed with as much saturation and fineness as possible.

Perhaps a love story, may be an essay or a diary
Sometimes like an oral tradition passed down from long ago to the future
Infused are pendulum-like movement through the seven songs

Just when UQiYO was ready to start recording,
he learns about spatial audio on Apple Music.
And immediately makes the decision of making sounds for it.

Expressing space and time through sound is the exact art of music

One of the most primitive musical expression, folklore, is mixed with the latest technology, spatial audio