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Released on Feb. 2020

When our winter is not as cold as before
If our sky doesn’t grant us as much snow
No worries
World is simply changing, n’ we just need to FLy

Reaching out and trying to take off the ground
to connect with someone/ something socially distant
Loin de chez moi, ou je vis
Like as far away as in Lebanon, but spiritually significant to me

The wings
Fluttering softly, softly like we are slowly floating

Soaring through the soft wind and
Looking down our earth so frosted
Gleaming and glowing with sun light so tangerine


The tree, the sea, the earth, the birth
All our love will become all of the above

It will be full and we will be full
Constant hunger for a piece of cake is over
‘cause all the love is whole lotta love

Let’s break through and turn it around
To see something we couldn’t see
Beyond the cobalt ocean, over the dark rainbow

There’s nothing in the sky
So let it all to the wind
Ask the wind where we are going
And the answer will be everything in the sky