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UQiYO is excited to announce the release of our new song "Giiirl" on May 31st! After a year-long hiatus, UQiYO resumed activities on May 9th, and "Giiirl" marks our first new release since restarting. This song embodies the evolution and true essence of the reborn UQiYO, filled with forward-looking energy and quiet determination.
A Message of Love and Gratitude
"Giiirl" is a song born from the difficulties Yuqi faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Forced into isolation and suffering from depression, his wife and two daughters were his only source of salvation. The song carries a message of love and gratitude towards his family, who, despite their struggles, live with strength. The music video and various teasers are directed by the talented filmmaker Daiki Nakagawa, with Masato Suzuki as the video producer.
Released via Independent Label "QumonoiT Records"
The song will be available on major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, with a Dolby Atmos spatial audio version coming from UQiYO's Dolby-certified studio.
We hope that through this song, listeners can feel a warm sense of renewal along with UQiYO.

* Music and Lyrics: Yuqi Kato
* Bass: Noboru Sakamoto
* Piano: mica bando
* Mixing Mastering: Yuqi Kato
* Immersive Mixing: Yuqi Kato
* Video Director: Daiki Nakagawa
* Video Producer: Masato Suzuki
* Video Assist. Producer: Shiho Kanno
* UQiYO Artist Photo: Patrick Shannon
* UQiYO Logo: Masato Ariyoshi
* Giiirl Typography: Yuqi Kato
* Title Design: Kohei Harata
* Teaser Sea Sound Rec: Toshihide Tamura