lo V er

  • lo V er feat.MARICELLE


/ EN

Released in Nov. 2020

This is a co-write song with Maricelle, a Singaporean artist who they met through UMAMI RECORDS, a label for the song, ‘FLy’.
As soon as they met in Tokyo, they hit it off, and the next day, went into studio and had a great session going, which became the foundation of this song. Back then, we were on the verge of a complete lockdown, and the momentum was already flowing in the world. That's when UQiYO came up with the idea of a song expressing "Being physically separated from the loved ones, but connecting heart and soul by transcending time and space". They used one of UQiYO’s unfinished tracks, and both sang at the same time, in separate rooms without seeing each other's faces. They were on a roll with lots of ideas, interesting takes, and lots of laughs.
One of the main features of this song is that it’s made with a completely different mix track for the left and right channels and merging them to make it into a whole. UQiYO purposely made "separate rooms" with completely different sound quality for the left and right speakers, and the only the vocals came and went into each other’s “rooms”. So, at first, one may feel a sense of discomfort in the sound phase etc., but through this song, we hope that listeners will be able to notice the feel of "love that transcends time and space" .