1st Album


  • Intro
  • 5 years in
  • At the Starcamp
  • Cozmo
  • Elephant’s Tail
  • Tokyo, the Cay
  • My Dirty Glasses
  • away we go
  • Kyoto, the Valley
  • Bodo
  • Picnic
  • Gone
  • I Talk Too Muchj
  • New Year


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Shimmering electro pop with a global music-inspired soundscape, highlighted by lilting vocals and warm, organic sounds. Suitable as a soundtrack for a city stroll, conversations with loved ones, bedside music and much more, UQiYO's first album "UQiYO" brings the listener on a journey filled with love and joy for people, nature, and life. A masterpiece that took 5 years to complete, "UQiYO" defines the band's sound as "music that makes you feel good, taking you on a trip through a floating world - ukiyo-". The album and artistic, high quality music videos received critical acclaim and surprise, and is filled with timeless classics.