• Winterstellar


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"Everyone has the right to enjoy the Christmas season. Wishing of happiness and peace for all may make me an idealist and a bit too much of a dreamer, but I believe that there is still great meaning to reach for such far away goals." Yuqi's wish developed itself into a sparkling, dreamy winter song, filled with a copoius amount of musical elements that are a signature UQiYO style. Cozy, nostalgic and retro vibes can be felt from the turntable sample in the intro, which was taken from a 40’s big band swing track. Although this is essentially a Holiday season song, it is also a catchy, danceable electro pop track with swelling, deep and heavy electro synth tones along with rap and dub elements, including an underlying waltz tempo complete with Christmas caroling background vocals. As the song title suggests, an intergalactic, “interstellar” feel was achieved by using futuristic bass and heavy autotune along with a caroling chorus.