New Album “loom” released on 26, March, 2021

“loom” is released on all platforms and Vinyl Records.

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And here are Yuqi’s comments:

Just like some huge three-dimensional structure looming from the pitch darkness, I feel I was able to create a collection of songs which will slowly but deeply impact some people. The music images the intersecting of vertical and horizontal light which are loomed into a dazzling fabric emitting a genuine form of energy.

In the midst of the chaos, my heart was touched by the nature of winter, the new born life, the space, the sea, the sky, the love, and the dynamic energy of evolving life “Élan Vital”, so this is a travelogue about an impermanent new dimension. For some reason, I feel these things awe us because of their absolute purity, and our five senses are sometimes not enough to even recognize and understand them. People can’t ‘casually’ put such things in words. It is overwhelmingly inexpressible, but we cannot leave but are helplessly staring in pause. ‘A sound that is in completion when the audiences are present fathoming about it.’ That’s why my heart is the calmest it’s ever been for some reason.

Perhaps “loom” was born to this world as proof of this revelation. It’s not just an act of euphoria, but it’s just about really making the sound that my soul wants to make. To really loom the thread of words that I want to loom. To really enjoy making a sound sound. It may seem simple, but it’s not, so I don’t think it’s an act of returning to the basics. But at the same time, I feel like I’m a zero year old right now. After finally being reborn through a mysterious hole into this dimension, I’m full of motivation to do whatever the heaven I can possibly be doing from here on.



“loom”は、自分がそういうものを作るべきだと啓示を受けた証拠としてこの世に産まれたのかもしれないな。単なる陶酔行為としてではなくて、ただただ、自分にとって本当の自分の魂が出したい音をだすということ。本当に織りたい言葉の糸を織るということ。本当に楽しんで音を出すということ。簡単なようで境地、だから原点回帰ではないと思うよ。 でも今年、僕はまるで0歳のような気分なんだ。「謎の輪」をくぐってやっと産まれ落ちたこの次元で、何をしてやろうかという意欲で胸がいっぱいなんだ。